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FAQ on V-Cop Entrada  
Question : What is V-Cop Entrada?
Answer : V Cop Entrada is a Micro Processor based Electronic Security Panel  to prevent Burglary.  It can be used in the emergency situations such as Medical Emergency, forceful entry of intruder etc.

Question : Does V-Cop Entrada have a Siren output?  How many sirens could be wired?
Answer : Yes, V-Cop Entrada can drive loud Siren with output upto 120db (Siren current upto 800mA). One can connect two sirens with upto 400mA current rating. A special arrangement could be done to drive siren with 132dB output which drawas current of about 1.8A. This creates a psychological pressure on the intruder which fails the burglary event and alerts the neighbors.

Question : What is a siren play time?
Answer : One can select the siren time from 1minute to 9 minutes, which is programmable.

Question : Can one connect flood lights or any other output devices?
Answer : Yes, one can connect additional relay parallel to the Siren and relay output can drive a contactor with the required contact rating which can switch the flood lights ON.

Question : Which type of sensors can be connected to V-Cop Entrada?
Answer : V-Cop Entrada is hybrid system on which Wired Type and Wireless Type sensors can be connected. Magnetic Door Sensor, PIR , Beam detector, panic, Cord Switch, LPG leak, Smoke, Glass Brake and Vibration Sensors can be connected to this.

Question : How many zones V-Cop Entrada possesses?
Answer : V-Cop Entrada has 5 wired zones. They are divided in three categories. 1st and 2nd zones are delayed zones, 3rd & 4th zones are panic zones and 5th zone is a Fire Zone.

Under 1st & 2nd Zones ( i.e. Delayed zone) Magnetic Door Sensors, PIR, Beam Detectors get installed. This activates only if V-Cop entrada System is in Arm Mode. Under 3rd, 4th & 5th Zones (i.e. Direct Zones) Panic Switch, Cord Switch, LPG Detector and Smoke Detectors can get fitted. It activates siren immediately after the detection. This activates in both modes i.e. Arm Mode & Disarm Mode.

Question : What is delay period ? Can it be re-settable?
Answer : V-Cop Entrada is Anti- burglary alarm system. It is assumed that house braking takes place only when no one is in the premises. In this condition owner has to activate the system at the time of leaving the house. Once person activates the system he/she gets reasonable time to come out of the premises and lock the door. This period is called “Exit Delay Period”. Similarly “Entry Delay” helps owner to Disarm the system while re-entering the premises.
This Delay period can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 90 seconds (i.e. one and half minutes) as per the end users choice.
Question : What if the electricity supply goes off? Can Battery backup be extended.
Answer : V-Cop Entrada has 36 hrs. Battery Back up. In the panel itself battery self charging unit is installed. One can connect additional external battery of say 7AH to extend back-up time to nearly 9 days.

Question : What are modes available to Arm and Disarm the System?
Answer : As mentioned in point no.1, The System is hybrid and can be Armed and Disarmed by remote control or with the help of e-Key as well. With the remote, end user can Arm/ Disarm the system and can use same remote as a wireless panic button, to activate siren in medical emergency.
64 bit encryption technology is used for e-Key as well as Remote Control which has been assigned separately for every system.
Question : What is a wireless range available for remote and wireless sensors?

Answer : V-Cop Entrada can receive the wireless Sensor signal from the range of 100 meter in open air condtion.
Range may reduce under following conditions.

    • Construction Obstruction in side the premises. Such as walls, POP, wooden partitions etc.
    • Atmosphere Interference such as mobile Towers, Vehicle radiations. etc.  Apart from this weather temperature, humidity can also affect.
Question : Does V-Cop have auto dialing facility?
Answer : Yes, V-Cop entrada has 5 pre fixed telephone numbers auto dialing facility. Which starts dialing immediately after V-Cop Entrada goes in to Alarm state.

Question : What  does Auto dialer do after dialing the stipulated numbers?
Answer : V-Cop Entrada has speech recording facility. At the time of installation, end user records his message in his own voice, which has 20 seconds play time. Once Auto Dialing function activates, it starts playing the recorded message.

Question : How many times does message play?
Answer : It has been programmed to play message of 20 Seconds twice in one call.

Question : What if the dialed number is engaged?
Answer : As mentioned above, it dials 5 numbers. In case a number is busy it jumps to another number and communicates.
Question : What is the mode used for programming input?
Answer : Just pick up the Telephone hand set connected to V-Cop Entrada and enter into program mode by pressing #123# number followed by desired program sequence.
FAQ's on Security Motion Sensors  
Question : Would this product be effective enough to avoid detection due to movement of pets? (such as cats, Dogs etc)
Answer : Yes, our model TrueSense PR723P has built-in pet-lense. It avoids false triggering due to motion of pets.
FAQ's on ecoLuz- Sensor Light Switch  
Question : Once the light is switched ON for how much time it will remain ON?
Answer : As long as motion is being detected ecoLuz shall keep the lights ON. Once the motion stops it will wait for SET time-out period. Time-out period could be set from 23 seconds to 4 minutes. Request for higher or lower Time-out period can also be served for minimum quantity of 100 nos.
Question : Can this sensor be linked to anything other than a lamp? Something like an alarm?
Answer : Yes. You can connect either beeper or sounder or fans etc. Output Switch can handle any load upto 5Amp.
Question : What is the detection range?
Answer : ecoLuz is nearly 5 times more sensitive than available Chinese products in the market. It supports radius of 5 mtrs.
Question : Can sensitivity is SET as per the customer application?
Answer : Yes. Sometimes application needs to switch ON the lights with the slightest motion. For e.g in cabins once the person enters and takes his seat, motion of the person is minimal. However ecoLuz should keep the lights ON as long as cabin is occupied. This feature is not supported by many competitors.
Question : Could two units be wired in parallel so that if either is triggered, the lights would come ON?
Answer : Yes. Two units can be connected in parallel.
Question : Can it be used to switch ON and OFF a fluorescent light or Fan?
Answer : Fluorescent lights & fans are inductive loads. ecoLuz should be used for inductive loads upto 2.5Amp. For e.g you can connect about 12 40Watts Tubelights & about 3 to 4 fans.

Question : Is it possible to set the light level control so that the device operates throughout the day i.e during daylight as well as at night time?
Answer : Lux level at which sensor should start the operation can be SET from full day light to near darkness.
Question : How have you ensured the reliability & Quality of ecoLuz?
Answer : We are using one of the world's best, finest quality sensor (made in Germany). The product is developed by our own R & D. Product is manufactured with utmost care by our production department & is tested rigorously before packing. Many Chinese versions use poor quality of sensors which results into poor sensitivity and unreliability. Output stage of our circuit is very reliable with almost no failure.
Question : Is the life fluorescent lamp reduced by frequent switching?
Answer : We recommends using electronic ballast for tubelights. This will not affect life due to frequent switching. With standard choke life may be reduced slightly as life mainly depends upon number of hours of operation.
Question : Is ecoLuz available in Wall-Mount Model?
Answer : Yes. We can make it available for MOQ of 100 nos.
Question : Can you disable the Occupancy Sensor & switch ON lights permanently?
Answer : Yes. Using over-riding mode you can switch ON the lights permanently.
Question : Comparison between ecoLuz & other Chinese products?
Answer :
Other Chinese Products
Range is 5 ` 8m radius Range is 1 ` 2m radius
Operating Voltage 180`260v suitable for Indian conditions Low supply voltage range
Long relay life due to high quality relay and switching at zero crossing Random switching hence low life
1 year manufacturer warranty No manufacturer warranty

FAQ's on GAS Leak Detector  
Question : Is this detector stand alone type?
Answer : TS230LHB is Standalone Type. TS12LHR can be integrated with Home Automation & Security System provided that these systems have NO & NC contacts.
Question : Is there any reset switch with this detector?
Answer : Detector is Auto-Resettable.
Question : What is the detection range of Gas Leak Detector?
Answer : The performance of Gas Leak Detector is not measured in terms of range. When gas leaks & the gas particles reach the sensor & when concentration reaches 10% of LEL, warning is given. Hence we recommend to position or place this device as close as possible to the gas source.
Question : Does this Gas Leak Detector have battery backup or battery operated models?
Answer : Fully battery operated Gas Leak Detectors are not available anywhere in the world. Reason being the current consumed by such device/ detector/ sensor would drain the standard battery within 6-7 days. Hence it's not practical to keep replacing the batteries after every 7 days. We do not supply battery operated gas leak detector. However we do have model with rechargeable battery backup. In case of power failure this detector with rechargeable battery will switch to battery mode.
Question : Isn't it dangerous to have an electrical socket near the gas source?
Answer : It is not dangerous to have an electrical socket near the gas source. In any typical kitchen there are several electrical home appliances which operate on electricity when connected to the electrical socket like Mixer, Grinder, Fridge, Oven etc. In case of leakage of gas & gas concentration reaching LEL then somebody might switch the power ON/Off, the spark which happens at the switch contact might cause fire. O ur detector gives warning much ahead of dangerous level. Also no switching happens inside the circuit as the circuit is solid state. Hence it's not dangerous to have an electrical socket near the gas source.
Question : What is the life of Gas Leak Detector?
Answer : Life of the sensor inside Gas Leak Detector is 2 years. We recommend replacing the gas leak detector after 2 years of use.
Question : Comparison between TrueSafe & other Chinese products?
Answer :
TrueSafe LPG Gas Leak Detector
Other Chinese Products
Microprocessor based product Ordinary logic switching
Intelligence avoids false calls Prone to false calls as non-intelligence
Temperature compensation No temperature compensation results into false calls at high temperature
Heat Detection feature No heat detection feature
Kitchen Platform Panel mounting increases its effectiveness by factor of 2 Wall mounting is useful only near cylinder
Wide options available including Bargraph display & flasher Limited options
Sensor replacement is possible Manufacturer not accessible hence repair & support is near impossible
1 year manufacturer warranty No manufacturer warranty

FAQ's on Alcohol Breath Analyser  
Question : What is life of sensor?
Answer : Life of sensor is about 2 years. However it depends upon the usage. Heavy usage may result in to the lesser sensor life.
Question : Do the mouth piece/ pipe need to be changed each time?
Answer : Yes, due to health concern (hygiene), the mouth piece/ pipe need to be changed for every single operation.
Question : What is the cost of mouth piece/ pipe?
Answer : Typically it would cost Rs 2 for Citizen Model & Rs 5 for Police Model.
Question : What is the type of sensor?
Answer : In Citizen Model the sensor used is semiconductor sensor. In Police Model the sensor used is Fuel/ Electro-chemical sensor.
Question : How much is the device Warm-up time?
Answer : Typically 30-45 seconds warm up time.
Question : What is the blowing time?
Answer : 5 seconds
Question : What is cost of sensor replacement?
Answer : The cost for sensor for citizen model is Rs. 2500/-. The cost for sensor for Police model is Rs. 4500/-
Question : What is the difference between Citizen & Police Model?
Answer :
Cityzen Model
Police Model
Printing Facility - Not Available Printing Facility - Printer Available
Sensor- Semiconductor Sensor Sensor- Fuel/ Electro-chemical Sensor
Application For Personal Usage Application for Police, commercial, security purpose
Sensor Replacement cost = Rs. 2500 Sensor Replacement cost = Rs. 4500

Weight = 64 g Battery excluded


Dimensions 103×65×27mm (L×W×H)


Non ruggedized Construction Ruggedized Construction

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