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Guard Tour System  
 Guard Tour System Brochure (Click on the image)
The system uses shockproof and waterproof RFID tags. They are to be fixed on the route walls with the help of nails or screws. They can be covered by insulating material so as to hide them. The guard carries the Reader along the route. He has to bring the reader about 6cms near the tag to record the event. And then he can move to the next tag. The Super Durable Guard Tour Reader uses revolutionary new technologies in creating the ultimate guard tour product. It has three-layer impact absorbing design. In addition, the reader is designed to be completely waterproof, and is able to operate while wet. The rubber-covered surface is non-conductive. It is able to resist damage from electrical shocks. When the guard patrol tour is done, the reader is returned to the computer. Communications software for the PC transfers the data from the reader to the computer's USB port via a USB cable directly.

Guard Tour Software :
The Guard Tour Management System works on Windows-based PCs. It is used for the processing, verification, display, and printout of guard tour data obtained from the Guard Tour readers.

Features :
Intelligently Designed for Easy, Foolproof Operations - Intelligent Scheduling System- Automatic Verification System - Gives The Readers More Functions- Highly Reliable Data Storage.

Networking Features :
Safe Data Transfers & Data Integrity

Applications :
Patrolling in residential and commercial complexes, townships, industrial premises, garages, parking places. Telecommunications cable and equipment patrol. Postal route management. Oil pipeline and equipment patrol. Hydroelectric equipment patrol. Fire prevention patrol. Coalmine safety patrol.


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