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Intrusion Alarm Panels  

Vighnaharta Security deals in complete range of Intrusion Alarm Panels. The range covers panels which use wired sensors, wireless sensors, telephone dialers, voice message playback, Internet connectivity etc.

Z+ is ideal security system for small flats, shops.It's a simple device which will sense intrusion using wireless sensors like Door Magnetic Sensors.The system can be Armed or Disarmed using wireless remote control.Remote can also be used as Panic Switch to alert neighbours in case of medical emergency or physical attacks or robberies.A compact 95dB Siren is sufficient to alert people around your premises.

The system can be mounted on wooden panel or wall.We recommend to provide power through home inverter /UPS to avoid power outages.

   V-Cop Entrada Brochure
 V-Cop Entrada :
V-Cop Entrada

V-Cop Entrada is a sophisticated security system. It is useful for flats, shops, offices, jewellery Shops, bungalows, factories, banks A system that works with wired as well as wireless sensors Can Call upto 5 tel. nos. including CMS. Entry/Exit time delay can be set in secs. Approved by ETDC (Electronic Test & Development Centre, Govt. Of India
 V-Cop Entrada - System Diagram
V-Cop Entrada System Diagram
V-Cop :
    V-Cop Express Security Alarm Panel Brochure
It is an Intelligent IP based Intrusion Alarm cum Home Automation Panel. Sensors available for this system support long range and long battery life. It is ideal intrusion alarm panel for high end housing complexes, bungalows, duplexes etc.

Applications/Suitability :
Banks to protect offices/branches from hazards such as fire, theft, gun-point threat, and protecting safe deposit lockers/vaults, cash carrying mobile vans, ATM's etc. Shops and Establishments, especially jewellery shops to protect premises from hazards such as fire, theft, gun-point threat. Homes to protect premises and valuables from hazards such as fire, theft, gun-point threat, etc. Elders and Senior Citizens can wear wireless pendants and activate the system by a simple button press in case of emergency. They can feel secure even when they are alone.

V-Cop - System Diagram
  V-Cop8 Security Alarm Panel Brochure
   64 Zone - Multiapartment Security System V-Cop64

"Wiring Diagram & System Schematic for V-Cop64"

V-Cop64 is 64 Zone Emergency Management System. You can connect 64 wired sensors like Gas Leak Detectors, Smoke detectors, Panic Switches etc in each flat of a building. In case of an emergency, sensor sends signal to the main control Panel which then displays the flat number and type of alarm. It also activates siren to fetch attention of Security personnel. The system has built in telephone dialer which can call four telephone nos and send voice message mentioning Zone No.
and type of alarm. System can also be connected to Central Monitoring Station. It supports standard Contact ID and SIA communication protocols. Optional Ethernet interface allows system to send Email, in case of an emergency or any other event. Once can check status of the system using Internet Browser.
   Wireless Zone Expander WZE-04
4 Zone Wireless Zone Expander can be used with any wired Intrusion Alarm or Fire Alarm Panel. Many establishments (homes, offices, banks etc) have wired Intrusion Alarm Panels or Fire Alarm Panels installed. They need expansion/ addition of Sensors over the period of time. Such systems can not avail modern technology and convenience of wireless sensors. Our Wireless Zone Expander allows to connect up to four wireless sensors to WZE-04. Output is in the form of four potential free contacts corresponding to each sensor registered.
   Wireless Remote Control WRC-04
4 Way Wireless Remote Control can be used with any electrical device which needs to be switched ON or OFF. Many establishments (homes, offices, banks etc) need wireless remote control of equipment. Our Wireless Remote Control allows to connect up to four electrical appliances like lights, Fans Water Pumps Door Locks etc. Output is in the form of four potential free contacts corresponding to each button on the remote control.

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